Useful Tips For Vinyl Record Collectors

The 94 best record shops in Europe

Whether you’re a seasoned crate digger or making your first entry into the world of record collecting, this is the comprehensive low-down on the most influential, friendly and absolute must visit record shops in Europe; from the old favourites in Berlin to the new ventures in Copenhagen.

The World's Top 100 record labels releasing music on vinyl

Movers, shakers, innovators: That Special Record selects the World's Top 100 record labels releasing music on vinyl. Some are pretty obvious choices, others are underrated labels that deserve more love, but all of them reflect who we feel have been changing the face of the underground electronic music scene in the last two years.


Best Sounding Budget Bookshelf Speakers For Vinyl

We compiled a small list of excellent budget speakers (under 400€) that will make your vinyl sound fantastic. 

Essential Vinyl Accessories Under 60€

We’ve outlined some essential vinyl record accessories under 60€ that will help you keep your records clean and delivering the very best possible sound quality.

10 Of The Best Vinyl-Friendly DJ Mixers

From affordable mixers to high-end rotary mixers, we selected 10 vinyl-friendly dj mixers that are offer great sound quality and functionality for their price points.

23 Awesome Places for Online Crate Digging

While we love going to the record store to go crate digging, you can always find some gems digging online. This is a list of 23 great channels - essentially youtube channels and blogs - for all your online crate digging needs.

11 Cool Ways To Store Your Vinyl Records

As your vinyl collection grows, storing all thos records can be quite a challenge. The Ikea Expedit shelves are a popular choice for many record collectors. But there are other alternatives out there, so we've rounded up 11 cool solutions for your collection, from furniture consoles to storage boxes.

29 Essential Ambient Albums To Own On Vinyl

There are tons of great examples of records that capture the real essence of what ambient music truly means, but here's a list of 29 ambient albums we consider essential to own on vinyl. Some are absolute classics most ambient heads probably own, others are under the radar albums that deserve more love. Some were released this year, others were released in the 70s or 80s. But what all have in common is that listening to them on vinyl accentuates the sonic qualities that are essential to each one of them.


The Best Turntables Under 600 Euros

If you are just now starting to dive into the world of vinyl record collecting, there are plenty of brands producing quality turntables that won't break your bank. Here are 6 turntables that we recommend.