VOIGT/465 - “Slights Still Unspoken (1978-1979)”

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July 2017


“An interesting schizophrenic mix of punk, krautrock, psychedelia with RIO/Homosexuals/This Heat weirdness.” – Mutant Sounds

Formed in Sydney in 1976, VOIGT/465 was a truly unique band from the exciting days of the Australian post-punk scene. Heavily influenced by such luminaries as the Velvets, Stooges, Syd Barrett, Pere Ubu, Can, Faust, Henry Cow, Slapp Happy and Eno’s Roxy Music, they created an abrasive sound in which Krautrock, DIY, avant-garage, post-punk, psych, art-rock and free improv-noise combined to form a sound unlike any other.

In 1978 Voigt/465 released one of the first DIY 45s from Australia, “State” / “A Secret West”, which showed their “pop-psych” side and was played by John Peel in the UK.

The following year, their bass player Lindsay O’Meara decided to leave the band and join Crime & The City Solution in Melboune. Before parting ways, Voigt/465 decided to record one last album as a testament. “Slights Spoken”, saw the light in 1979 and it’s without doubt one of the most fascinating albums from the post-punk /DIY era. Here it is including the two tracks from their first 45 as bonus tracks.

It comes with free download coupon, featuring the complete album plus five studio / live bonus tracks from '78-79, including killer covers of Faust, Can and Roxy Music.

“These guys and gals were something like a psychedelic meeting of This Heat, Krautrock and the Homosexuals, with a healthy dose of that good old English-born DIY spirit thrown in.” - Dominique Leone (Pitchfork)


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