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Why spend time going to different, often badly designed sites where you have to spend hours filtering the junk from the good stuff, when you should be able to find all the info you want in one site? That Special Record not only wants to make online crate digging a less painful process, we want to make it a nice and more personal experience. That's why we're more than just another online record store. Our magazine-styled stories bring you behind the scenes to meet the record label owners and artists themselves for the full scoop behind the untold stories behind the records they release.


Cool people. Cool stories.

Gunther Bureau B

Meet the record label owners and artists themselves as they share with you the stories behind the music the music you're buying. Read untold stories about people who put their soul and passion into every record they release. Because behind every good record lies a good story. 





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That Special Record is a new kind of web shop and subscription service that features vinyl records from a list of handpicked exciting and under the radar ambient / drone / house / techno record labels. 

Our selection is small, but carefully curated and we're obsessed about helping you discover the best outsider electronic music that’s currently being released on vinyl. 

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