Discover 10 Common Myths About Exercise

The fitness space, like many other areas, is prone to misinformation, largely thanks to social media. With just one piece of misinformation, viruses can spread and cause harm (for example, the recent trend of “healthy coke “). There are influencers spreading disinformation, but there are also many certified professionals who …

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4 Ways To Lose Weight Using Acupressure

In traditional Chinese acupressure, strong pressure is applied to various points on the body to relieve the disease. This technique is believed to promote weight loss by stimulating parts of the body that can relieve stress on the digestive system. Although scientific research supporting the effectiveness of acupressure in weight …

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The Best Healthy Food Delivery Service In 2022

If you want to eat better this summer, you probably need to eat more low-fat vegetables and proteins. But all those healthy ready-to-cook meals can be intimidating. Regularly cooking nutritious foods takes time, effort, and even research. Not to mention the preparation of truly delicious food. Whether you’re struggling to …

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