23 Awesome Places for Online Crate Digging

Photo credits: Seth Doyle

Photo credits: Seth Doyle

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While nothing beats going to the record store to go crate digging, you can always find awesome records digging online. Here are 23 awesome resources for online crate digging.

There’s nothing better than walking into a record store, browse around a bit, listen to a bunch of records and walk out with a bag full of new records. But sometimes that requires driving a few kilometers and if you’re on a budget, that might be a problem.

Online crate digging might be an alternative to record stores, but it has a few challenges. Most online music retailers have so much crap music listed it’s way too time consuming to filter the junk from the good stuff, and there’s also the issue of samples, as in most cases you’re basically listening to 1:30 minute low quality snippets of tracks, which obviously is not the same experience as listening to the whole record. With that said, today we’re sharing with you a list of 23 sources - essentially youtube channels and blogs - for all your online crate digging needs.

Youtube Channels:

1. hurfyd: Everything from lo-fi house to spaced out techno to analogue-rich deep house.

2. kubk0: Channel promoting good electronic music. Everything from Detroit techno to cosmic house. 

3. AgnosticRhythm: Specialised in deep house.

4. Moskalus:  Everything in between lo-fi house and deep leftfield house. 

5. OOUKFunkyOO: Fantastic channel specialised in fine groovy, funky deep house and house music. 

6. reshaping channel: Great source for all things dub techno. Lots of old stuff, but stuff that's really really good. 

7. JUST A HUMAN: Everything from deep to house to dub techno. Lots of amazing old classics and forgotten gems.

8. DayOff: A bunch of House and deep house gems.  

9. the29nov films: Cool weird videos and lots of fine techno records.

10. mickooyy: techno, techno and techno.

11. Backintday: The name pretty much says it all. Classic and forgotten gems from back in the day. From Classic house to acid house. 

12. themathematicalbrain: African Soul / funk records primarily, with extra African electronic flavourings.

13. thebigpecolaman: Mainly ambient, drone and live recordings of post-rock shows.

14. Spaceman Moth: Ambient, drone and everything in between. 

15. Analdevice: Ambient, drone, experimental and everything in between. 



1. Patternburst: Great blog for reviews, house and techno vinyl tips and occasionally random thoughts on the underground electronic music scene. 

2. A Strangely Isolated Place: A Strangely Isolated Place (ASIP) is a music blog, community and record label run by Ryan Griffin. Lots of great interviews, music tips and occasionally random thoughts on the ambient music scene. 

3. Terminal313: Great blog from Estonia. Janno is a techno connoisseur writing about old and new electronic music. Lots of good reviews and recommendations over there. 

4. Stationary Travels: One of the best blogs to discover instrumental genres such as ambient, neoclassical, emotional electronica, acoustic and post rock - music that tells stories without words and that takes you somewhere other than where you are currently sitting or standing. 

5. Headphone Commute: One of the best sources to discover electronic, experimental and instrumental music. HC covers mainly ambient, drone, electronica, glitch, idm, modern classical, shoegaze, downtempo, bass, experimental, minimal and everything in between. 

6. Bandcloud: A nice weekly roundup of releases on Bandcamp and Soundcloud selected and delivered by adnhnrt (follow Aidan on twitter). Mostly house/techno/ambient/drone.

7. A Closer Listen: Wonderful blog dedicated to instrumental and experimental music, from ambient to post-rock. 

8. That Special Record: Discover exceptional vinyl records from under the radar ambient, drone, house & techno record labels. Blog focused mainly on interviews and vinyl recommendations. 


This should be enough to keep you busy for a while. If you know any other good places for online crate digging, feel free to share in the comments below. Let's make this post a useful resource for music lovers and record collectors all over the world.

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