Essential vinyl accessories under 60€

Photo credits: Eilon Paz

Photo credits: Eilon Paz

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Ok, you have a nice collection of records. Many new and probably many old good stuff. Whether you’re an experienced club DJ, a bedroom DJ or a record collector, a very common and often overlooked problem is keeping your collection preserved and cleaned as well as making sure you get the very best from your record listening experience. 

Below we’ve outlined some essential vinyl record accessories under 60€ that will help you keep your records clean and delivering the very best possible sound quality.

*Please take note that the prices below are provided as a guide only and may vary due to changes in taxes or charges or due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.*

Reloop Carbon Fibre Cleaner 

Price: 10.95€


Remember this. Your t-shirt is not a record cleaner. Wiping your vinyl record with your t-shirt might sound like a good idea, but no matter how soft it may feel, it will scratch the record and only move the dirt around.  Reloop's anti-static carbon fiber brush is simple and cheap alternative tool to removing electrostatic charging, dust and dirt from your records.

Vinyl Styl Deep Cleaning System 

Price: 17.91€


The Vinyl Styl Deep Cleaning system can be a particularly useful product if you love to buy old dusty records. It is great for digging deep into old EP/LP grooves. You don't need to use the fluid every time you play a record, only when you think it needs a good cleaning. The cleaning brush will safely remove dirt from the grooves without harming the vinyl surface.

Ortofon Cartridge Soft Case Black 

Price: 28.27€


This cartridge carry case is perfect for storing safely all headshells, including obviously Ortofon Concordes or Ortofon OM mounts on headshells.

Onzow Zerodust Cartridge Cleaner

 Price: 52€



If you’re really worried about preserving the life of your cartridge's stylus, there are solutions for that. Traditionally, most vinyl collectors use a stylus brush and stylus cleaning fluid. But swiping the brush across the delicate stylus is always a cause for alarm (remember, always brush from back to front and never front to back) and using stylus cleaning fluids can by a freaking nightmare as it can turn the metal parts of the cartridge innards rusty.

The Onzow Zerodust is a nice and safe alternative to help you removing particles of dirt and dust that stick to your stylus. All you have to do is dip the stylus onto the Onzow for a few seconds a couple of times, and that’s basically it. 

Mastersounds Turntable Weight

 Price: 54€


Good turntables, needles, carts, speakers, all play an important role in delivering the best sound quality, but MasterSounds turntable weights will take your listening experience to the next level. With this 390 grams turntable weight handmade in England you simply pop it over your spinning record, and this significantly reduces any play and vibration the record makes when rotating, which in turn improves the bass and mid range response of the record,  somehow making everything sound richer and warmer.

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