4 Ambient albums worth checking out this month

Elodie - Balayes De La Main Du Hasard

Elodie's sublime new LP Balayes De La Main Du Hasard is one of the tenderest, slowest, most wonderful ambient records you'll listen this year. 

Trans-Neptunian Objects by ASC.jpg

ASC - Tran-eptunian Objects


The first ambient release from ASC on Auxiliary, since 2011's collaborative album with Sam KDC - Decayed Society. A space ambient beauty. Contender for album of the year

Oblivion by Logic Moon.jpg

Logic Moon- Oblivion


Oblivion and its perfectly balanced waveforms are nothing short of therapeutic. Stress, impatience, anger, frustration, sadness - all negative emotions- completely fly away with one uninterrupted session of this gorgeous new ambient album by german artist Logic Moon.

Robert Davies - Estuary


ometimes you don't feel like dealing with the World due to the daily drama and bullshit you face, but there's a great therapy: ambient music. Estuary is a wonderful and brilliant new release from the master of pastoral ambient. Each track is a 15 minute minimal ambient piece that situates the listener in intimate communion with nature,surrounded by the music of birds, insects and life sounds. Life can be beautiful.