11 Cool Vinyl Record Storage And Shelving Ideas

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There's something quite charming about buying and collecting vinyl records. It feels like we're the curators of our own museum. For instance, why would you want a print of a Picasso when you can go to a museum and see the real deal? Same thing with records.

But as vinyl collections grow, storing all those records can be quite a challenge. The Ikea Expedit shelves are a popular choice for many record collectors. But there are other alternatives out there, so we've rounded up 11 cool vinyl record storage ideas for your record collection, from furniture consoles to storage boxes.

Gemma Ahern's IKEA Shelves With A Twist


Pairing IKEA LACK shelves with vinyl records is the vinyl storage option of choice for many record collectors, but this technique that Gemma Ahern used in her apartment takes this record storage option to ANOTHER LEVEL. Instead of using the shelves themselves as actual storage, Gemma went ahead, installed them close to the floor and painted the shelf to blend in to the wall. Pretty cool, no?

Price: 12€. Available for order via IKEA

Wine Crates Used To Store Vinyl Records


Go super simple and get inspired by this cool idea from Our Cozy Cubbyhole: wine crates used to store your vinyl records. This option might look rather rough, but it's a pretty inexpensive vinyl record storage idea and has a definite charm. 

Price: Free (if you're lucky!). Call local wine shops and liquor stores and ask if they will give them away or sell them. As alternative you can always find wooden wine crates on Amazon or Ebay.

Vintage LP Record Case 


Great looking vintage record case, made from neon green faux leather. Perfect to be used as a carrying case and/or as a vinyl record storage box. This box holds up to 50 LP's.

Price: 20€. Available for order via Vintage Breda. Ships Worldwide from The Netherlands.

LP Record Crate In Solid Pine


This gorgeous handmade Solid pine LP crate holds 60+ records. This is a super sturdy structure achieved with traditional nail and glue construction. 

Price: €39,53. Available for order via LLTTgoods / Ships from USA to USA, Canada and European Union countries.

Sefour Vinyl Record Carry Box VC030-909 Tobacco Walnut


Vinyl records can be very heavy, so if you ever have to move into a new house, with Sefour's record box you can easily move boxes using the integrated chrome handle. Finished in Black or Tobacco Walnut laminate these boxes are durable and look great in any studio, room or lounge. Each box can hold up to 115 records. 

Price: 38€. Available for order via Sefour. / Ships Worldwide from the UK.

ICube LP100 12" LP Vinyl Record Storage Box


We happen to like the ice white version, but the iCube comes in a variety of funky colours. The iCubeLP100 is hand crafted in the UK and it's a modern, stylish & versatile way to store and display your records. But the coolest thing about this option is that it can be easily added to as your collection grows.

Price: 44€ per Modular Storage Cube. Available for order via iCube / Ships from the UK only to Europe / E.U countries. 

Loop Diggaz


Flat Pack, Hand Screen Printed, Plywood Storage Box for vinyl records. Super cool & unique, constructed using Cable Ties and designed by r.Dogg. This vinyl record storage box can hold up to 50 records. 

Price: 45€. To order one contact r.Dogg at ffwihcollective@gmail.com

Record Holder Handmade Of Ash Wood


This record and book holder designed by Coil and Drift is another perfect vinyl record storage idea that makes it easy to flip through your records and see the covers without any effort. 

It's design is minimalist and contemporary with a different look from every angle, and is handcrafted out of sustainably harvested ash wood by seasoned artisans at Coil and Drift's studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Price: 90,58€ . Available for order via Coil and Drift / Ships Worldwide from New York, USA.

Vintage Record Storage


This modular vinyl record storage system from the Vinyl Record Storage Company is both beautiful and versatile. The front-facing design is pretty cool because it lets you flip through your collection with ease - just like you'd be flipping through records in a record store. The display box and stand are made of Baltic birch and stained in a rich espresso. Each tower holds over 150 vinyl records.

Price: €181,75. Available for order via Vinyl Record Storage Company / Ships from Canada to Select Countries (Canada, Germany, Australia, USA, France, Netherlands, Japan, UK).


Stackable Vinyl Record Storage Cube


Super nice record storage wooden cubes designed by Simple Wood Goods.

Each cube is handmade in Cincinnati, Ohio from solid core baltic birch ply box with maple feet that lock into an acrylic lid. Joints are all triple doweled for a sturdy assembly that will last as long as your collection. Sanded to a super smooth finish, coated with three coats of matte polyurethane. Available in multiple colours. Each cube holds up to 70 records. 

Price: 329, 38€ (Set of 6). Available for order via Simple Wood Goods / Ships Worldwide from Ohio, USA.

The Living Cube, By Till Koenneker


The Living Cube has everything you need: A shelf for your vinyl collection, TV, clothes and shoes. It also features a guest bed on the top, and inside the cube is a lot of storage space. How cool is this? 

Price: 4000 € (Mini) / 6000€ (Urban) + Assembly & Shipping to Europe from USA. Available for order via Living Cube Furniture

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