10 Deep House tracks for people who don’t like Deep House


Apparently these days everything between 118-122 bpm is called Deep House. The term “Deep House” is often being misused by big room DJs and mainstream labels. Just go to Beatport and you see the amount of crap labeled as Deep House and no wonder why so many people misuse the term. 

Without getting too snob about it, incorrect genre blanketing is a plague on plenty of new music. So here we are busting the myth of what Deep House really is. 

Obviously throughout the years the definition of the genre has changed. Like in the early days of Deep House, jazzy/soulful ingredients were some of the main ingredients that defined the genre. And in the 80s/90s when someone would talk about Deep House you would easily associate the genre with guys like Larry Heard, Marshall Jefferson, Chez Damier or Ron Trent.

But even back in the days, Deep House wasn’t a genre only defined by a slight sense of atmosphere and warm, organic sounds. Deep House was about so much more than that. It was deep musically, emotionally and spiritually. That’s why we prefer to use the term Deep House to describe a sound and a feeling rather than just label it as a music genre per se. For instance, in 2017 you’ve got guys like Fred P who sound nothing like Larry Heard or Marshall Jefferson in the early days of Deep House, yet you listen to Fred's music and you know those sounds are clearly Deep House tracks. 

So here's a selection of 10 Deep House tracks for the curious and for folks who keep saying that they don't like Deep House. These aren't necessarily Deep House classics nor a selection of the best Deep House tracks ever made. These are simply 10 superb tracks that truly represent the feeling of what Deep House is (and should be) all about. 

Drain Pipe - Low Life (Driftwood)

Smooth and mellow basslines and an incredibly addictive groove that just makes you want do dance like nobody is watching, this is one of those records that makes you want to say “Damn, they don’t make’em like this anymore."  Released in 2001, this is one of the best releases on Driftwood, a fantastic label owned by Jean F. Cochois & Norman Feller (two gentlemen also known as The Timewriter and Terry Lee Brown Jr.).  Low Life is the best track from the superb 'New Life EP' from Drain Pipe (one of Jean F.Cochois’s many aliases).

Elias - Explain (Driftwood)

Another beauty on Driftwood! Driftwood has released some of the smoothest and most forward-thinking Deep House ever made, and this record ain’t an exception. This is Jean F. Cochois at his very best. 'Explain' is gentle and as smooth and deep as it can get. 

Schatrax - You Don't Act The Same

Schatrax is Josh Brent and he is known throughout the global underground dance scene for tracks like Mispent Years or Champagne Dancer. 'You Don’t Act The Same' is probably one of his best but yet underrated tracks. This is dubby, melancholic and hypnotic Deep House at its best.

Pete Moss - Late Night Up North (Feel Free Dub)

Hypnotic, subtle Deep House from Pete Moss, one of the most underrated producers in Deep House and Tech House music. This track has a real nostalgic 90s basement Deep House music vibe to it.

Patrice Scott - Far Away

Deep, hypnotic, subtle dreamy atmospherics, this is the type of tune you just close your eyes and let yourself get lost in the music. What's incredible about 'Far Away'  is how simple it is: Gritty synth stabs, an analog kick, a repetitive dark percussion and a dreamy atmosphere of layered strings and chords. No bells and whistles, only the essentials to create a track that is truly timeless.

Specter - Half Life

Raw deep house track from Chicago's Andres Ordonez aka Specter on the consistently awesome Sistrum imprint. 

Omar S- Dont Let Dis Be Hapnin!!

Raw, Detroit Deep House from one of Detroit’s finest producers: Omar S.

Aybee - Ozzie Davis

Aybee's fabulous sonic tribute to the great Actor/Activist Ossie Davis. This is one of those under the radar bombs. Fabulous deep space house excursion.

Fred P - Traveling Star

Beautiful and timeless piece of modern Deep House music. This is Fred P at his best. 

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