Label of the month: Abstrakce Records

Abstrakce Records is a new experimental/ambient/Kosmische Spanish record label based in Valencia. Abstrakce was founded only in 2016, but this fantastic Spanish label has already built a small but super interesting catalog marked by diversity, from Kosmische, ambient, experimental, to synthwave and synth-pop. 

Label Of The Month: In Paradisum

In Paradisum is a brilliant French record label from Paris. Founded in 2011 by Guillaume Heuguet,  In Paradisum doesn't chase trends, but its music seems to find the right ears anyway. In Paradisum's sound is dark, ambient, droney, industrial, noisy, dense, and sometimes distorted techno, but always original and interesting.

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For The Love of Vinyl: Roi Perez

For The Love Of Vinyl is a blog interview series with record collectors from across the Globe. Up next: Roi Perez. Roi Perez is a DJ, record collector and runs a small record shop in Berlin. The native Israeli DJ started playing records in Tel Aviv but moved to Berlin in 2013 and soon started playing regularly at Berghain’s Panorama Bar. Roi is known for his long and eclectic DJ sets, spinning a bit of everything from obscure, under-the radar House and Techno to Disco and Electro. 

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