Apple and Koss Don’t Go to AirPods-Related Patents.

Apple will not have to go to Court to protect the design of its headphones and earbuds.

Reuters records (Opens in a new window) that Apple has agreed with Koss. Koss was in the headphones business since the ’50s, just days before who tested the case.

Koss filed the license violation lawsuit (Which opens in a brand new home window) after Koss had fulfilled numerous Apple agreements between September 2017 and July 2020. The firm filed the legal action in Waco, Texas, after they failed to reach an agreement.

Koss stated in the suit that Apple relies on Koss for a certain amount that compensates for its violation. This, according to law, cannot be lower than a practical nobility. This Court also considers passion and prices.

If those nobilities were granted to Koss, Koss could have earned a lot. Statista reported in February (Opens in new window) that Apple is the market leader in the United States for earphones. This was due to its AirPods product and the Defeats headphones.

According to Reuters, the companies claim that they have resolved “all issues in dispute between them.” Reuters reports that the judge appointed to hear the case has dismissed it with prejudice. This means Koss will not be able to file a similar legal claim against Apple for these patents.

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