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It’s now a better way to coordinate your holiday plans with Instagram

You can use Instagram to find a new place to grab a bite or get your hair done.

The image and short-form-video-focused social media platform got a new upgrade for its maps, making it even easier to find preferred spots, whether nearby or in a prospective holiday location.

You can use Explore to search for services or browse in a specific area. Or you can tap on a tag on a story or message to find other nearby destinations.

Once you’re on the map, you can move around to see Instagram content that has been tagged there. Or, you can use filters to search for bars, resorts, and beauty salons.

You need the map update to be available to Instagram users on Android and apple iphone. We recommend that you download it and then install it. To ensure this, we suggest going to the Google Play Store or Application Shop to see if there is an update for your app.

Evaluation: Instagram is the new vacation planner

Instagram’s emphasis on aesthetic appeals makes it a great way to find holiday destinations. With the brand-new update of maps, we can see it becoming even better. It will let you discover hidden gems, popular coffee shops, and dining establishments to make your trip feel even more special.

We are not the only ones looking beyond traditional reviews and also searching. At Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech 2022, Prabhakar Raghavan, Google’s Senior Vice Head Of State, stated that many people are turning to technology to find what they need (using TechCrunch).

Raghavan revealed that Google’s inner research showed that “virtually 40%” of youths (those aged 18 and over in the United States) don’t rely on Google Browse or Maps, but they use TikTok and Instagram.

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This fad is not surprising as Instagram will undoubtedly seek to increase this interest and boost features such as maps. While we’ll have to wait to see the following updates, don’t be surprised if discoverability continues receiving lots of love.

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