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Best Affordable Home Security Cameras Of 2022

Home security isn’t as expensive as it once was. Of course, some security cameras still cost over $ 100, but there are plenty of affordable home security cameras on the market from reputable companies like Wyze and Amazon Blink to help keep your home safe.

This affordable security camera has many of the same features as the expensive security camera, including continuous recording, motion sensor, rechargeable battery, and an app that sends push notifications when the camera is activated. And while these cameras cost less than $ 35 and sell out frequently, they tend to have resolutions of 1080p or higher. Any model on this list can be a great nanny camera or pet camera and can also connect to an existing smart home or smart device setup to keep you up to date.

So, if you decide to build an affordable video surveillance system for under $ 100, this is your choice. Each security camera is different in features and functionality, but both are solid options. We have included internal and external cameras so that the surveillance system can cover all parts of the property.

That said, if your home requires more security, you can opt for a solar security camera with advanced features like professional monitoring, two-way audio, and color night vision. You may also want a model with more video memory or an SD card slot if you need to review footage a few days or weeks in advance.

Wyze Cam v3 (2020)

If you’re looking for an affordable security camera system with solid performance, you can’t beat the new Wyze Cam v3. Here’s the gist:

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These things combined make pairing with the Wyze Cam difficult. Especially since the new generation model can be used as an indoor or outdoor camera thanks to the new weather-resistant housing. It also works with voice commands from Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as other Wyze devices. That’s why it has an impressive 8.5 score in our 2020 test.

Wyze Cam Pan v2

If you’re willing to pay a little more, the excellent Wyze Cam Pan v2 offers features offered by other home security cameras. The pan and tilt function allows you to monitor the entire room, monitor movements and periodically scan large areas. More than. At $ 50, it’s a little more expensive than others on this list, but it scored 9.2 in our 2021 review thanks to great performance and a variety of interesting uses.

Blink Mini

The Blink Mini is an indoor security camera for $ 35, but you can get it for under $ 20 during some sales periods. It comes with a power supply, works with Amazon Alexa, and has a small footprint that doesn’t take up much space in the house. The 7.2 score might make you think, but its powerful core features and reliable performance make it a good choice if you’re looking for a live indoor home security camera.

How are home security cameras tested?

Real-world testing is the foundation for evaluating any home security product. Simply put, when it comes to security cameras, we pay close attention to accuracy, night vision, response times, additional features, overall performance, and overall value. We evaluated all of these items in real home settings over a period of one week. To learn more about the review process, see our detailed article on how to test security cameras and home video doorbells.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Security Cameras

What is the cheapest home security camera?

Home security cameras are cheaper than ever, but if you find one brand that consistently costs under $ 20, avoid the temptation to buy several. Security cameras can pose a privacy risk, and cheaper branded devices tend to have fewer security measures, such as multi-factor authentication and encryption. Generally speaking, the cheapest hardware you can find relatively safely is in the $ 30 range unless it’s on sale.

Security cameras without a monthly fee?

Most home security cameras do not require a monthly fee for use. However, subscriptions usually give you access to advanced features like user notifications, cloud storage, and more. Wyze offers one of the best free subscription experiences because the hardware includes two weeks of event storage. Although there is a 5 minute slowdown between event recordings.

What is the easiest home security camera to install?

If you value economy, you may also wonder about overall comfort. The good news is that right now, most of the smart security cameras from top developers are easy to install and require little more than downloading an app and following a few onscreen instructions. In general, indoor cameras are less involved in the setup than outdoor cameras. Because you can put it on a shelf and forget about it. If you are installing the appliance outdoors, it is not a bad idea to mount it on a wall or fence, but it may require some additional grease.

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