Up To 20% Off Sonos Speakers And Subwoofers This Summer

Sonos speakers sound like the high-end option they claim to be. Unfortunately, this also means very high prices. But right now, Sonos is offering up to 20% off select models, including some of the market favorites of 2022, so you can get one of the top-rated speakers for a bargain. There is no expiration date for this sale, so there is no guarantee how long these offers will be available, so it’s a good idea to order before it’s too late.

If you’re looking for more discounts on Sonos speakers, you can get a variety of refurbished models starting at just $ 139.

Whether you are looking for a breakthrough innovation or a miniaturization, these discounts will help you find a speaker that fits your needs at a lower cost. Sonos Roam has been voted one of our favorite wireless Bluetooth speakers for 2022 and is now available for $ 143, $ 33 off the regular price. Durable with drop protection and an IP67 water resistance rating, Roam connects to your phone via Bluetooth or Airplay for Apple users and gives you up to 10 hours of listening time on a single charge. And if you want another speaker for immersive listening, you can save even more with the $ 286 speaker package, which is $ 72 off the current list price.

Or, if you’re serious about updating your home audio setup, you can use this two-piece package with Sonos Roam and Ray. Sonos Ray speakers deliver great sound for movies and music and come in a compact package that doesn’t clutter your TV stand. And with the addition of Sonos Roam, this two-piece package can bring cinema-quality surround sound to your living room. This game is available for $ 422, $ 36 off the regular price.

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