Apple is expected to announce iOS 16 at WWDC, which runs June 6 to 10. Patrick Holland/CNET

IOS 16 Wish List: All The IPhone Features You Would Like To See At WWDC

Apple will release iOS 16 on Monday. We expect to see an always-on display, better tools, and iPad-like split-screen capabilities, among other updates.

Software updates introduce new features that keep your iPhone updated and in shape, even on older models.

Apple unveils new iPhone updates at its WWDC conference, which typically begins June 6 before its fall release.

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2022 kicks off Monday, giving us our first look at iOS 16. It’s arguably the name of Apple’s next big iPhone software update. It’s also a great opportunity to preview software updates for other major Apple products (iPadOS 16, WatchOS 9, and macOS). But iOS 16 will be the star of the show as it gives us a taste of the new features coming to iPhone this fall.

The last three versions of iOS were similar. iOS 15 looks like a part of iOS 14 and looks like an extension of iOS 13. All visible changes can be turned on and off instead of being forced on the iPhone. For example, if you don’t like home screen widgets or focus mode, you don’t need to use them. Even if you rule out the most obvious changes, running iOS 15 brings many improvements in the background to keep your iPhone running smoothly and safely. This is probably the case with iOS 16.

It has been 7 months since the release of iOS 15 and the operating system has remained relatively stable with some bugs. It took some time to release some features like Universal Control and SharePlay, but now everything seems to be working. iOS 16 will pick up where iOS 15 left off, adding new features to the existing design.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing Apple needs to add or improve. My colleague and I have compiled a list of improvements, additions and fixes that we hope Apple will bring to iOS 16. Some are big, like adding support for Apple Pencil, others are small but important, like gifting it at home. Screen Widgets and Other Features. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple actually does.

iOS 16: You have to copy and paste the photos to edit them.

We always use the iPhone to take photos and videos, and editing photos is just as satisfying as taking them. What most people can edit is the Photos app on the iPhone. The interface is simple and there are many tools to get exactly the look you want. However, the macOS version of the Photos app has a useful feature that improves editing on iPhone. This is the ability to copy and paste changes between photos. This is especially useful when taking multiple photos in the same place, such as a restaurant or party. All photos are taken in the same lighting and conditions, so you can only edit one photo, then copy and paste those edits onto other photos.

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You can use the Photos app for Mac to copy and paste photo edits from one photo to another.

Instead, in iOS 15, you made these changes one by one for each photo on your iPhone. That’s boring.

In iOS 16, it would be nice to see a similar copy and paste feature on the iPhone. Edits made in Photos on Mac can be applied to Photos on iPhone and vice versa, giving iOS 16 more points. But one step at a time.

Apple Watch has an always-on display that can show important information and save battery life.

Always on lock screen for iPhone

Imagine being able to see your iPhone when the screen is off to see the time, notifications and missed calls. This feature has been available for years on Android phones where only important information is activated and the screen is black. It is always called a screen. Apple offers an Always On option for Apple Watch Series 5 and later, but the iPhone doesn’t yet.

However, according to Bloomberg, Apple may change this soon to iOS 16, which will support always-on display in the future. With the update, the iPhone may reduce the lock screen refresh rate to display some information, but according to a Bloomberg report, this feature may only exist on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Bring iPad split screen to iPhone Pro Max models

The iPhone Pro Max has been part of the Apple range since 2019. The 11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch screen, while the 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max have a 6.7-inch screen. thumbs so you can watch videos, play games and read articles. Absolute pleasure.

But when it comes to software, the big screen feels lost. Some iOS apps, such as Mail and Messages, can use the extra screen space in landscape mode to display a message preview column next to the currently open message. But aside from that, there isn’t much in iOS that takes advantage of the larger screen.

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Split view is displayed on iPad with iOS 9.

Apple may only bring some iPadOS features to the Pro Max models, most notably iOS 16 for split-screen multitasking. It would be nice to open Safari on one side of the phone screen and then launch Messages on the other side.

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Apple Pencil support for iPhone Pro Max models

The large screen on iPhone Pro Max models requires Apple Pencil support. Samsung has proven to have a large audience for stylus phones along with its Galaxy Note and S Ultra devices. Damn, there’s also $ 300 for compatible phones like the Moto G Stylus.

Apple Pencil is compatible with iPad Mini, Air and Pro. We expect Apple to add support for iPhone Pro Max models.

The second generation Apple Pencil is a great stylus that currently works with the iPad Mini, Air and Pro models. But imagine you can use it to draw and take notes on an iPhone 13 Pro Max and a 120Hz display. What about the Apple Pencil Mini (considering the size of a golf stylus) which can also be attached to the side of the iPhone Pro Max? A tech reporter can dream.

IPhone devices need more functions

Many of us rejoiced when home screen widgets arrived on iPhones with iOS 14. Apple’s widget app is clean and even Samsung is starting to imitate it. Grid widgets fit anywhere on your home screen. However, there is a wrinkle. Home screen widgets are passive. Most of the functionality provided by this tool, besides visible information or piles of gadgets, is the ability to open the app.

In iOS 14, Apple brought UI elements to the home screen. iOS 16 could add more features.

For example, the Apple Music widget shows the song currently playing. Clicking on the tool will take you to the Apple Music app. What if you could click on an instrument to skip to the next song? What if you could change your location by scrolling through the weather widget? Hope iOS 16 will bring more home screen widget features.

We won’t know for sure until Apple announces iOS 16. However, Bloomberg says the company could introduce a new lock screen option with widget-like functionality in iOS 16. This may not be what we’re asking, but reports from Bloomberg Notes indicate that Apple may be planning some kind of improvement for the device in iOS 16.

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Install the app wherever you want

In recent years, Apple has improved the home screen with new elements such as widgets and app libraries. You can have multiple app pages, and you can even embed the same app on different home screen pages (important if you are a power user of focus mode).

The App Library is one of the few ways Apple has improved the iPhone home screen. With iOS 16, we want to be able to move apps where we want on the screen.

However, nothing has changed regarding the reorganization of the app icons on the app page. The app is stuck on the invisible program magnet at the top left of the screen. So if you want to keep an app on a specific home screen page, that app will start filling the screen from the top left corner. You can’t put it at the bottom of the screen without filling the top of the page first.

Apple, give us the freedom to move our apps wherever we want. This will go a long way in making it easier to access your apps with one hand without using accessibility. Also, if you have a home screen wallpaper you like, you can organize the apps so you can see the images better.

Additional default app options

You can now set your iPhone’s default browser app and default mail app to something other than Safari and Mail. In iOS 16, Apple can open system defaults for more apps, especially maps and messaging apps. If you are a regular Google Maps user, you may find it more convenient to set Google Maps as your default map app rather than Apple Maps.

What do you want to see in iOS 16?

These are a lot of things we want to see in the next version of iOS. But you? Are there any features or bugs you would like Apple to add and fix? Read the iOS 16 rumors report to explore some leaks in the upcoming iPhone software.

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