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The Best Netflix Movies And Series Of All Time (Netflix)

Netflix has been very quiet about ratings for years. However, after several years of declining quarterly viewing stats for some shows, Netflix launched a website in mid-November to post rankings of the most popular shows and movies last week, as well as a global ranking of the most viewed shows past titles.

Updated weekly and sorted by total subscriber watch time, the chart represents an unprecedented collection of data on popular content on Netflix. The site details the most popular titles of the last week, not just globally but in more than 90 individual countries. The goal is to help subscribers like you get a better idea of ​​the best hits of the world’s largest subscription streaming service and hopefully discover new ones.

The company updates the “Netflix Top 10 ” every Tuesday. For both original and licensed titles, viewing times are based on Monday through Sunday of the previous week. The rankings are broken down into the top ten lists for English-language films, English-language television, films in other languages, and television in other languages. In addition to global rankings, Netflix offers ratings for over 90 countries.

It also ranks the most viewed titles on the site, detailing the most viewed shows during the first 28 days after release. It is also updated every Tuesday, whenever the show appears on the previous week’s charts.

Most viewed TV shows on Netflix

The following are the most viewed series on Netflix, based on Netflix reports of total watch time during the first 28 days of each title’s release. If a new season releases two-part episodes on different dates, Netflix counts the episode watch time for Volume 1 for the first 28 days, then for Volume 2 for the first 28 days.

Ranking changes from the previous week are in bold.

The best bonus programs excluded from Netflix’s all-time official list:

Ranking of the most viewed Netflix movies

Below are the most viewed movies on Netflix, based on Netflix reports on total watch time for the first 28 days of each release. All changes are in bold.

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The former top-rated film released the official Netflix charts of all time.

It seems that Netflix has never released a movie in a language other than English that generated enough viewing time for the largest number of overall views. However, other non-English-language films that have been widely viewed on Netflix include:

New Netflix rankings versus old rankings

In November, Netflix reported the popularity of some titles using a completely different metric. Netflix is ​​used to report popularity based on the total number of accounts that have watched a drama or movie for at least two minutes in the 28 days of its release.

However, to the audience, these historical statistics are unverified, unsupported and angry parts of the television industry that are released without much accountability.

One big complaint was about Netflix’s old measure of popularity. The two-minute scale can overestimate the popularity of titles that other competitors don’t use and that people rarely try. A 2-minute threshold means that some titles count as “watched ” before viewers reach the main title stream.

In October, Netflix announced that it would abandon the controversial two-minute standard and adopt a new standard for watch time. The launch of the new test site in November changed their plans.

Netflix has also hired EY (formerly Ernst & Young, one of the largest accounting firms in the world) as an independent third party to verify the figures. Netflix is ​​expected to release an EY report next year. (Netflix swapped the top ten lines every day on the same service to view the most viewed shows based on total watch time, rather than the traditional two-minute granularity previously used to schedule these lines.)

“Finding the best way to measure streaming success is difficult and there is no perfect metric to rate sites,” said Pablo Pérez de Russo, Netflix’s vice president of strategy, planning and content analytics. Engagement, measured by watch time, is a strong indicator of a title’s popularity, as well as overall member satisfaction, which is important for maintaining subscriptions. “

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Most of Netflix’s sample shows are based on the scale above

These are the most sampled Netflix TV series, based on the number of accounts watched for at least two minutes in the 28 days following release. We will show you all the figures that we expected at the time of their release and this ranking includes only those figures that Netflix has decided to publish. Of course, this list may include other Netflix titles that have been sufficiently tested in the first month of release, but Netflix can choose titles that have revealed their ratings.

This list will no longer be updated as Netflix switched to their viewing time in November.

Most sampled Netflix movies based on the above scale

Here are sample Netflix movies with the most accounts viewed for at least two minutes in the 28 days following release – take note of the numbers you expected when Netflix announced it. This ranking includes only the movies that Netflix has chosen to release. Of course, this list may include other Netflix titles that have been sufficiently tested in the first month of release, but Netflix can choose titles that have revealed their ratings.

This list will no longer be updated as Netflix switched to their viewing time in November.

Wait, what’s the difference between the most viewed and the most viewed?

Most of the sample titles are ranked based on the number of accounts that have been watched for at least two minutes in the first 28 days after release, as mentioned above. The most viewed titles are the shows and movies with the most total viewing time in the first 28 days after release.

The introduction of 24/7 monitoring data provided new context for Netflix’s previous popularity numbers, allowing us to compare programming that increased watch time with widely sampled programming (or, in some cases, both of them).

Watch time tells you which shows you are most faithful to. There are three shows twice in the top 10 most viewed, but they have never repeatedly appeared in the top 10 most viewed. the retro sci-fi series Stranger Things; The Spanish series also known as Money Heist, La Casa de Papel; and 13 Reasons Why, a teen series criticized for portraying suicide. Each season has two seasons in the top 10 most viewed. Its frequent appearance in the charts reflects how viewing time can best measure the enduring attractiveness of a particular title.

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Watch time can indicate the strength of some shows that were released before Netflix started sharing their watch stats, or that were released a long time ago, with millions of accounts Netflix can test. For example, the third season of Stranger Things is currently on Netflix ‘sNo. The most popular of the eight sample accounts is displayed. However, after watching hours, the season itself climbs to fourth place. And season 2, which began with a drop of 100 million Netflix subscribers, is the eleventh show seen in a few hours.

The time scale of the watch also has caveats to be aware of. I prefer movies and TV seasons with longer running times as long as people keep watching them. In three and a half hours, The Irishman suddenly appeared at the top of Netflix’s 10 best movies by viewing time. If you count the number of sampled accounts, it is much less than the top 10.

What other viewing stats has Netflix released?

Before 2020, Netflix counted views differently. Netflix considers it “seen” if it buys 70% of the total length of the first episode of a series or movie within the first 28 days of its premiere. Netflix says the new two-minute limit is fairer for all titles, regardless of duration. But it also means that the new statistics inflate the rating figures by about a third of the previous figures.

Above displays the stats below the 70% rule for reference only.

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