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4 Quick Tips For Dealing With Email Overload On The Go

Email is known to stress Generation Z and some group members who prefer instant messaging to a cluttered inbox. However, older email systems still have fans, which can be useful for composing slower or longer messages, forwarding attachments, and organizing digital paper tracking. Many apps include shortcuts to make managing your mail easier, so if you frequently scroll through your inbox on your phone, here are some ways to use Gmail with Google and Apple’s iOS Mail to save time.

Custom slide settings

Quickly save or unzip messages to take control of your inbox and, thanks to the “swipe up ” control of the Mail app, you can do it with your thumb. For example, you can set an action to swipe left (for example ‘Flags ‘) and select another action to swipe right (for example ‘File ‘). Deletion is always optional.

In the Gmail app for Android, tap the menu icon in the top right corner, select Settings from the menu, then select Swipe Actions. Click the Edit button to select an action for the swipe left and swipe right actions. The iOS version has a different syntax but uses similar steps.

To set swipe behavior in iOS Mail, tap the Settings icon on the iPhone home screen, choose Mail, then choose a swipe option. Select an action to assign to the Scroll Left and Scroll Right functions.

Are you sure you want to delete a group of messages at once? In Gmail, click the icon next to each spam message in your inbox, then click the Trash icon. In iOS Mail, first press the Edit button, then select the message and tap Trash in the lower right corner of the screen.

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check your e-mail

You can be notified when new mail arrives via your phone’s notification settings. If you want to view your recent messages in a different way, you can add a Mail widget to your home screen.

On most phones with Android 9 or later, tap an empty area on the home screen until the Tools menu appears. Select the Gmail widget or other mail widget you want to use, then navigate to the desired location on the home screen.

On an iPhone with iOS 14 or later, press your finger on an empty area of ​​the Home screen (or the Today screen) until the icon starts vibrating, then press the + button in the top corner of left. Type “Mail ” in the search toolbox and you will see options if you are using iOS Mail or Gmail. Sometimes the tools are complicated. Select and click the Add Widget button on the next screen.

In iOS Mail, you can also long-press the inbox preview to see more messages and get a list of replies, forwards, or reporting actions.

check the work

Waiting for a meeting (or other event) is a great opportunity to manage your mail. Most mail apps offer some productivity features.

In a new Gmail message, tap the paper clip icon at the top of the screen to add an attachment, such as a photo or file stored in Google Drive. Newly received messages can be added to Google ‘s to-do list by clicking on the three-dot menu “More “. Respect the working hours and set the message to be sent later? After entering your text, tap the More menu in the top right corner of the screen and select Schedule Delivery.

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To add an attachment in Apple’s iOS Mail app, start a new message and tap an empty area to insert the file. In the toolbar that appears above the keyboard, click the icon of the file type you want to attach. Apple’s Mail Drop feature can use the iCloud service to send attachments up to 5MB in size. Click the square icon to the right of the camera icon to scan a new document and attach it to a message. Do I need to comment on this file or sign the form? Touch the pencil icon to display it on the screen with a stylus or fingertip.

finish this list

A major cause of inbound mail overload can be the constant influx of messages from business and merchant mailing lists. If you no longer wish to continue reading or deleting this message, scroll to the bottom of the message to find a link to unsubscribe or change your email preferences. Most legitimate companies include these options.

The iOS Mail app often displays an unsubscribe button at the top of mailing list messages. Make sure you press a button to exit the list and manage your inbox more easily.

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