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The Best Gaming Keyboards Of 2022

There are many great game consoles on the market today. Choosing the best gaming keyboard depends on your preferences and budget. To help you get started, we’re sharing some of our favorites that we’ve tried ourselves.

For a model with a little less punch to your wallet, check out the best gaming keyboards under $100. But if you can spend more, you get features like high-quality switches, generic builds, separate media switches and controls, palm rests, and more. and more. If you don’t know what a membrane switch is or the difference between an optical switch and a mechanical switch, the following buying advice section will help.

Much like choosing a new gaming mouse, choosing the right gaming keyboard has a lot to do with personal taste (and budget). About the author of this list, Josh likes tactile keys where he can feel the actuation point, but he doesn’t like beeping click keys. Lori likes the clicks and tactile feel because she likes the trigger point feel and the mechanical sound of the game, but she uses the Razer Cynosa v2 hybrid mechanical diaphragm to click and bounce off the diaphragm. After years of playing the mighty piano keys and learning to type on a manual typewriter, she became a pestle and mortar.

You might find a great keyboard for gaming, but it’s not perfect for everyday typing. For example, a Cherry MX Red switch suitable for gaming may be too light for some typists. Linear switches like Cherry MX Reds don’t have tactile feedback like Cherry MX Blues, but their low power consumption and smooth operation make them preferred for gaming, especially when you need to click the same key multiple times. . Highly recommended if you have the opportunity to try out different keyboards to determine your preferred switch type (eg Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Red, etc.) before purchasing. You can narrow down your preferences by consulting this keyboard glossary.

SteelSeries Apex 3 and Apex 3 TKL

Contrary to the trend, keyboard prices have been falling since we last updated this story. However, many still prefer not to spend $100 or so on the keyboard. Especially if it’s not worth it. SteelSeries’ entry-level gaming keyboard, the Apex 3 ($50) and a tenkeyless small-diaphragm ($45) have a mechanical switch to turn some people off.

However, it’s better suited for everyday work at home, it’s quieter, and it includes features you wouldn’t normally find on a budget keyboard, like cable management, 6 macro keys, 10 light zones, and media control. Best of all, it’s IP32 waterproof against chronic spills among us. If you’re picky about emotions, they might not drive you crazy. They are a bit better than regular membrane switches, but after a while they start to feel a bit creaky. And I wouldn’t use it for games that require a quick response. Because it takes more force to act than to click. However, for Sims and other games that don’t need speed but do benefit from programmability, either is a good choice.

Glorious GMMK PC gaming career

GMMK is the best deal on gaming consoles. Yes, there are cheaper options, but the Glorious Modular mechanical keyboard’s design and features are unmatched for its $110 price tag. Available in full size 10 tenkeyless, 60% size, black on black or silver on white, this keyboard is a modular keyboard with quick key changes. Dual ABS keys come standard over Gateron Brown tactile keys that work well for both gaming and typing. However, you can also customize the keyboard with one of 13 different Gateron, Kailh, or Glorious Panda keys, which have a soft yet tangible tactile bump. Or you can take the board and put the key you want. The same goes for the keys.

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The full-size keyboard includes a braided USB cable with 3-way routing under the panel (keycap pullers are stored on the bottom). Two small panels have removable cables. GMMK features a metal surface with beautiful beveled edges. A streamlined design with only essential elements. Couldn’t find any additional media controls, audio adjustments, or bulky items to use. The bottom is plastic, but you can’t see it unless you lift the whiteboard up, and in addition to the metal top, it has some weight to hold it up on your desk.

Even if you’ve never changed keys or keycaps, this is a great gaming keyboard. But the fact that there are options to do these things easily makes GMMK stand out.

Razer Black Widow V3 Mini Hyperspeed

Looking for a compact 65% wireless mechanical keyboard for work and play? There aren’t many options (most keyboard options are 60% wireless with no additional navigation keys) and I haven’t found anything with 2.4GHz wireless Bluetooth and latency like BlackWidow V3 Min HyperSpeed. That helps justify the higher $130 price tag, and it’s designed to be solid, ergonomic to type on, and smooth and fast to play. You’re out of luck at the moment if you want touch keys that don’t click, as you’re limited to the two main keys: Linear Touch and Tap. Options aside, if you’re looking for an ultra-compact wireless mechanical gaming keyboard for your daily commute, you’ve come to the right place.

Logitech GPro X

Current 10-key gaming keyboard (or TKL, ie no numpad). A step up from the standard G Pro, the Pro X features interchangeable switches, letting you choose exactly the feel you want with Logitech’s GX Switches, available in blue, linear red, and brown tactile sets for $50 each. It’s easy to remove and replace the key, making it easy for you to customize your user experience as you earn money. It is easy to fix.

The overall layout of the Logitech keyboard isn’t too different from the G Pro, but it’s the latter option. Designed for esports, its compact, durable body and detachable braided cable make it perfect for travel. Logitech’s G Hub software is easy to use, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for settings or control options. Connecting a macro to a function key is also not difficult. Note: This item is not currently available from Logitech.

Corsair K70 RGB TKL

A compact TKL version of Corsair’s premium full-size K70 RGB MK.2 gaming keyboard, the 151K70 RGB TKL is designed for esports, but packed with features competitive gamers will love. It uses Corsair’s Axon processing technology for polling rates up to 8000Hz, so there’s little chance of winning due to input lag. It reports a keystroke every 0.125ms at 8000Hz and has a 4000Hz key scan rate which is 4 times faster than competitive keyboards, so it detects and transmits keystrokes significantly faster than other keyboards. the 1000Hz scan rate of the average gaming keyboard.

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Corsair used Cherry MX Red mechanical switches, but in some regions they also come with MX Speed ​​or Silent switches. Simple linear red keys are fast, smooth and stable. Durable double-shot PBT keycaps with brilliant per-key RGB backlighting, and Corsair also includes textured gaming keys. The keyboard layout is more suitable for travel and there is a detachable USB-Aa-USB-C cable.

Next to the cable entry is a switch that puts the keyboard into standby mode. This will block the backlight and disable macro activation so you don’t accidentally touch while gaming. However, you can still use other keys, such as media and volume controls, and switch profiles.

Corsair’s iCue software has been recently overhauled to simplify lighting setup, macro programming, and key resets. You can create an unlimited number of lighting profiles and layers that you can access when using iCue, but you can also store up to 50 individual profiles in the onboard keyboard’s memory. It can be accessed even on systems that are not running iCue and do not support iCue. You can also store up to 20 light layers.

If you are looking for a fast, compact and full-featured keyboard for FPS and MOBA gaming, the K70 RGB TKL is for you.

HyperX Alloy Origin

Available at 60% off with full-size, TKL, and HyperX Linear, Tactile, and Clickable keys, the HyperX Alloy Origins line offers versatility so you can find a keyboard that fits your needs. All feature a slim, streamlined design with an aluminum chassis and a detachable braided USB-C to USB-A cable. You won’t find separate media controls like the company’s Elite 2 keyboard, but the function keys do provide media controls and game mode, so you can disable the Windows key and certain key combinations while gaming.

Hyper X Alloy Elite 2

The Elite 2 is a better version of HyperX’s thinner and lighter Alloy Origins and Origins Core TKL keyboards. Elite 2 uses a stronger steel frame instead of an aluminum frame, giving it a bit of weight to keep it in place on your desk. A thick braided cable connects to the back, and there’s a USB 2.0 port for connecting a wired gaming mouse or wireless receiver.

Backlit keyboards are typically larger, with an added light bar above the function keys, a separate bar with media controls and buttons to adjust backlight brightness, and a choice of three custom lighting modes that can be saved to the keyboard and in game mode to play. gaming Remove the Windows key and other key combinations that may interfere with gaming.

Like the Origins model, however, the Elite 2 uses the company’s red linear switch feature instead of the original Cherry MX switches. The smooth and fast HyperX Reds are comparable to Cherry MX Red switches, work well, and should satisfy most gamers.

The Switch uses surprisingly bright surface-mounted RGB backlit LEDs, so if you want a good illuminated display from your gaming keyboard, you won’t be disappointed. The keyboard is also configured with HyperX ABS keycaps that allow light to shine through the transparent side.

Rockat Vulcan TKL Pro

Optical switches are praised for their lightning speed and long lifespan. The Titan Optical Switch on the Vulcan TKL Pro adds a really smooth linear mechanical switch feel to a formula that delivers a great gaming experience. The muted key has a 1.4mm actuation point and doesn’t wobble no matter how hard you press it.

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The keyboard is thin and light, and the Roccat takes up as little space as possible by removing almost all of the bezels surrounding the keys. The floating key design gives the Roccat keyboard a one-of-a-kind look and actually allows the RGB lighting of each key to shine through. It also uses a detachable USB-C-USB-A cable.

The company’s Swarm software isn’t as easy to use as some others, but you’ll find the same kind of design tools for creating macros with custom lighting settings and different profiles. You can even make keystrokes sound like laser blasts or typewriters through speakers or headphones. If you have other Roccat AIMO units you can combine the lights.

If not sold as an optical switch, Roccat’s Vulcan TKL has the same great build as the Pro, but uses the company’s Titan linear switch. Compared to an optical switch with the same 1.4mm actuation point, it feels similar, but slightly lighter.

Razer Hunter v2.0

If you’re looking to spend nearly $200 on the best gaming keyboard you can find, the Razer Huntsman v2, along with its cheaper sibling the Huntsman v2 TKL, offers excellent performance with either Razer’s red linear optical switches or purple optomechanical. . Switch Compact ($10 cheaper). Both models replace the veteran Huntsman Elite (version 2) and Huntsman Tournament Edition (TKL), although the latter can still be seen on the green key model.

The Razer matches Corsair’s K-series 8000Hz polling, along with the quick response of its optics-based switches to minimize lag in the gaming experience and bring updated volume reduction technology in red. The full-size keyboard has programmable media controls like all other keys, and Razer’s Synapse software provides comprehensive control over keyboard settings that can be loaded into one of five keyboard profile slots. . If you don’t use any adjustment settings, you can still use the presets.

For version 2, Razer has removed the nice bottom light, but you no longer need a second USB port on your computer. If you missed it, there’s always the Razer Huntsman Analog v2 if you can get it for $250.

Logitech G915TKL

Most gamers use wired keyboards, and for good reason. A wired keyboard eliminates delay and potential signal interference. However, he was inexperienced while testing the G915 with the Lightspeed wireless adapter. This wireless gaming keyboard can also connect via Bluetooth, and battery life is pretty good as long as you keep the backlight off or low.

All keys, as well as the RGB lighting for each key, can be programmed using Logitech’s G Hub software. The app is generally easy to use and allows you to set up to 3 profiles that can be changed without opening the program.

Considering its compact size and the company’s low-profile GL tactile switch for a list price of $230, it’s a viable option for good work and gaming. Also available in two colors with GL Clicky or GL Linear keys. Charcoal with black keys or silver with white keys.

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