Withings ScanWatch Horizon Review: Luxurious Skins And Multiple Health Tracking Features

There is a lot to love about the Withings ScanWatch Horizon. It looks like a classic dive watch with a stainless steel case and rotating bezel. It has many health functions, such as electrocardiography and blood oxygenation monitoring, both of which are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung can’t say the same about blood oxygenation tracking on their watches. Did I mention that Withings batteries can last up to a month?

The question is whether these features make the Withings ScanWatch Horizon worth the $500 price tag. The answer depends on what you are looking for. Traditional smartwatches are generally easier to navigate thanks to a color touch screen and offer many more features, such as support for mobile payments, hands-free voice control, and answering calls from your wrist.

Withings ScanWatch cannot do this, but it is expected. It’s a simple watch designed to do two things well. It looks like a traditional wristwatch and offers detailed health and wellness tracking. I’m a fan of the ScanWatch Horizon, but I think it may inherit volume control, some of the features found on more traditional smartwatches.

Certain ScanWatch Horizon properties sometimes seem to conflict with each other. For example, the sleek case is a big part of the ScanWatch Horizon’s appeal, but it feels bigger and heavier than traditional smartwatches. That said, despite its many health features, it’s not the most comfortable watch to wear while sleeping or exercising.

Withings Scan Horizon Clock

With a sleek design, iOS and Android compatibility, seemingly endless battery life, and detailed health stats, the ScanWatch Horizon has a lot to do with it. But it seems to be for a specific audience. People who prefer the look of a classic analog wristwatch and are interested in more than just health tracking on wearable devices.

Smart watch disguised as a normal watch

Withings ScanWatch Horizon dive watch-inspired design

Calling the Withings ScanWatch Horizon a smart watch is not correct. Yes, it does smartwatch-like things like tracking workouts and displaying notifications on my phone. But you don’t see that part and that’s a good thing. When a friend asked her about it on a recent weekend trip, she was surprised to learn that the watch on her wrist was actually a smartwatch.

This watch has a stainless steel case and a laser-engraved rotating bezel, and the watch surface is covered with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. A small round display sits near the top of the watch face, surrounded by hour and minute dials. It is easy to see why it is confused with an analog clock.

This is also evident in the ScanWatch packaging. It comes with a metal bracelet and a sporty fluorinated rubber strap, as well as a kit that includes a punch, hammer and support to add or remove links from the metal strap. This watch measures 20mm and is compatible with other watch straps with quick release spring bars. The design and packaging of the ScanWatch Horizon is one of the few differences that sets it apart from the standard $280 ScanWatch. Also, the Horizon model is water resistant to 100 meters, while the regular ScanWatch is water resistant to 50 meters.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Package Contents

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The ScanWatch Horizon appears to be quite different from similar devices made by tech companies like Apple and Samsung. However, this approach is not new to Withings, and it is not the only watchmaker specializing in so-called hybrid watches that combine analog aesthetics with digital intelligence (also made by Garmin). I remember liking the Withings’Activite fitness tracker from 2014. ScanWatch Horizon seems to be the culmination of the company’s efforts since then.

Aprecio el diseño elegante del ScanWatch Horizon, pero el tamaño de 43 mm me parece demasiado grande para mi muñeca. Sin embargo, el tamaño más pequeño puede hacer que la pantalla sea demasiado difícil de ver. La pequeña pantalla circular de ScanWatch Horizon es lo suficientemente grande como para mostrar la hora, la fecha y las métricas de entrenamiento de un vistazo, pero no quiero ir más allá.

Las notificaciones entrantes se desplazan por la pantalla como un teletipo. Esto es efectivo para ver rápidamente quién te está enviando mensajes de texto, pero no es práctico para leer mensajes largos. En la mayoría de los casos, es más fácil agarrar mi teléfono. Si para usted es importante leer las notificaciones completas en su muñeca, opte por el reloj inteligente estándar.

Navigating your watch with the Digital Crown is pretty easy, but it’s best for simple tasks like checking your heart rate or steps. Anything that requires turning and pushing the digital crown more than once can be cumbersome, so here’s hoping this smartwatch supports voice control.

do not misunderstand. I understand that the ScanWatch Horizon is not designed to do everything that a typical modern smartwatch can do. But if there’s one feature I miss the most, it’s voice recognition. The small ScanWatch Horizon screen means limited interaction, so expect to be able to verbally ask the watch to start a workout or set an alarm.

ScanWatch Horizon explores health and sleep tracking.

The Withings app provides in-depth analysis of a variety of health and wellness indicators, including sleep quality, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation. We really appreciate that you don’t need a paid subscription to unlock all of ScanWatch Horizon’s condition tracking features. That’s a good thing, considering brands like Fitbit and Oura are moving toward a subscription-centric model, often locking advanced tracking features behind paywalls.

Withings app home screen ‘Health Mate

The level of insight you get is also reasonable, if not astounding. Unlike the $400 Apple Watch Series 7, Scanwatch Horizon shows how much time you spend in certain stages of sleep. You can also have a sleep score that measures the quality of your sleep, your overnight breathing disturbances, and your average sleep heart rate. Fitbit requires a premium subscription to access detailed sleep analysis. Apple Watch Apple Watch If you are more data about your sleep, to download a third-party app for your Apple Watch.

The ScanWatch Horizon’s long battery life also benefits it as a sleep tracker. The company claims it can be used for up to 30 days on a single charge. Dropping to 35% and seeing if this lasts for a month

Battery life also depends on how you use your watch. I tend to get a lot of notifications since I turned on Slack and text message notifications, which can drain my battery faster. Withings offers you the option to have the ScanWatch Horizon monitor your blood oxygen levels at night, so the battery drains faster. However, this function did not activate during the first week and a half of using the watch.

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Like other luxury watches, the ScanWatch Horizon can take an EKG from your wrist and look for signs of atrial fibrillation. Withings, like Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit, have FDA approval for this feature. But unlike other watches from these other companies, the ScanWatch Horizon’s blood-oxygen sensing technology is also FDA-approved, and Withings says it proves the watch’s accuracy.

Checking blood oxygen levels on the ScanWatch Horizon isn’t too different from checking on the Apple Watch, but the Withings watches take longer to do so (30 seconds vs. 15 seconds on the Apple Watch). You can perform an on-site check on the Withings ScanWatch Horizon by selecting SpO2 from the watch menu, and the company recommends resting your arm on a nearby table for best results.

Withings records blood oxygen measurements in the Health Mate app.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon and Apple Watch Series 7 sometimes showed similar results, but in other cases the results were markedly different. Three-hour scans were performed at approximately the same time under the same conditions, but these results were not compared to readings from a conventional stand-alone pulse oximeter. On the first scan, Withings measured a blood oxygen saturation of 98% and Abel measured 96%. However, the second and third surveys were very similar. Withings measured 99% in both studies, with the Apple Watch scoring 98% and 99%.

I don’t check my blood oxygenation or take my EKG often, but it’s good to know you have options. And for those who prefer the look of a standard analog watch that requires close monitoring of their health, the ScanWatch Horizon could be a viable option.

However I think this meter will be more useful once we have some of today’s blood oxygen saturation levels as a metric for detecting overnight breathing disorders, along with the Oxygenated Oxygenated Oxygen Oxygen Oxygen Oxygen. Whenever companies come up with features like this, oxygen sensors in.

لKeep in mind that although the blood oxygen and ECG features in the scanwatch are FDA approved, they are not intended to be used to make a medical diagnostic diagnosis. It’s a sign that Eder-to-touch devices are dead on both sides of the error B.

Lots of exercise options, but not suitable for workout wear

The Withings ScanWatch Horizon is stylish, but it can be a burden to wear for workouts.

Like many smartwatches and fitness trackers, the ScanWatch Horizon tracks different types of workouts, from standard options like running and cycling to professional activities like table tennis, ice hockey, and windsurfing. I counted a total of 40 options, but it was a shame HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) wasn’t included.

ScanWatch Horizon does not have GPS, so you will need to rely on your phone’s GPS signal when working outdoors. I’m more of an internal runner, so it wasn’t an issue, but at this price, it seems oddly lacking in such a health-oriented watch.

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My main criticism of using the ScanWatch Horizon as a fitness tracker comes down to its design. They are heavier and bulkier than most standard smartwatches, which makes them difficult to wear during exercise. The same goes for sleeping with a ScanWatch.

Starting a workout quickly can also be difficult because you need to use the digital crown to navigate the watch face. To do this, you typically need to wake up the watch (rotate your wrist or press the crown), swipe 5-6 times to access your workout options, and then navigate through the workout options to find the workout you want. Not bad if you’re at the gym, but it’s hard to start exercising on your own when you walk.

An optional hotkey lets you hold down the digital crown to go directly to the training screen, but using voice commands is even faster and more convenient.

La buena noticia es que puede consultar fácilmente sus estadísticas y entrenamientos en la aplicación Withings HealthMate, que se sincroniza con Apple Health, entre otras aplicaciones (también se está trabajando en la integración de Google Fit). La pantalla de inicio de la aplicación muestra entrenamientos recientes, mediciones de salud recientes, todos los programas de salud registrados y tendencias de sueño y ejercicio. La pestaña Tablero clasifica las estadísticas de actividad, las métricas corporales, como la altura y el peso, los datos de frecuencia cardíaca y los patrones de sueño.

Puede administrar su configuración en la pestaña Dispositivos, y la sección Perfil muestra las insignias que obtuvo, las aplicaciones vinculadas a su cuenta, recordatorios y la opción de generar informes de salud en PDF que puede compartir con su médico y .


Withings ScanWatch Horizon

The $500 Withings ScanWatch Horizon is a stylish watch packed with health sensors. If you’re interested in tracking activity, sleep, and metrics related to your heart and respiratory health, but prefer the look of an analog watch, then the ScanWatch Horizon may be the right choice for you. But keep in mind that the luxurious look of the ScanWatch Horizon is more expensive than the average smartwatch.

Also, just because the ScanWatch Horizon can track advanced health metrics doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best fitness tracker. Some people may prefer a device with a smaller, lighter design that is more comfortable to wear while exercising or sleeping.

If you’re still looking for a smartwatch-like product that’s deeply involved in health monitoring, consider the Garmin Venu 2. It boasts a sleek design, a larger touchscreen than the ScanWatch Horizon, a longer battery life in comparison with smart watches and mobile devices. Garmin Pay payment features and various health features. At $400, it’s $100 less than the latest high-end Withings watches.

But overall, the ScanWatch Horizon accomplishes its desired goal of looking stylish while providing a wealth of information about your health and wellness. The long battery life is also an eye-catching feature. Be prepared to sacrifice some convenience as the ScanWatch Horizon lacks some of the features that make traditional smartwatches easier to navigate, like voice control and large touchscreens.

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