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Windows 11: How To Download The Latest Operating System From Microsoft

Windows 11 is ready. Last August, Microsoft predicted a The free upgrade to Windows 11 will be available for all eligible devices in mid-2022 “.

In January, Microsoft announced that users would upgrade to Windows 11 twice as fast as Windows 10. Microsoft’s new operating system has been rolling out to these devices since Microsoft released it last October. Anyone using Windows 10 can now upgrade for free as long as they have a compatible computer.

Read on to learn how Windows 11 Setup Assistant is a shortcut to Windows 11.

As long as your device is supported and meets the minimum requirements, the upgrade process is the same as a regular Windows 10 upgrade. (Otherwise, Microsoft provides a workaround, but in this case it supports installing Windows eleven).

You still have the option to manually download Windows 11 and experience new features like widgets, instant layouts, virtual desktops, and the new Microsoft Store. That is how. Everything you need to know about new Microsoft software before you download it.

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10, don’t worry. The free Windows 10 download trick still works. This is the same trick you use if you want to manually update your old computer to Windows 11, but Microsoft doesn’t recommend it because it may not be suitable for the same update.

How to download Windows 11

Users can download Windows 11 in the same way as downloading a new version of Windows. Just go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click Check for updates. Feature update for Windows 11. Click Download and Install.

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You can also use the Windows 11 setup wizard. You will need to download the wizard and click Run to make sure your hardware is compatible. Then accept and install to accept the terms of use and start the installation. When the program installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Don’t worry, your PC might reboot a few times when the installation is complete. Leave the PC on until everything is done.

There are other options, but these are more complex. To continue, you can create a Windows 11 installation media or ISO file. The Microsoft Windows 11 download page details these steps in more detail.

Again, your device may not be able to use Windows 11 due to hardware requirements.

Windows 11 Features

Windows 11 has a new sleek design with pastel colors, rounded corners, a new startup sound, and an overall more Mac-like appearance. The Windows Start menu has been moved from the bottom left of the screen to the center, with the apps icon in the middle next to it. You’ll find many new desktop tools, such as widgets, that can provide information at a glance and make creating virtual desktops easier. And Android apps are built into Windows and can be installed from the Microsoft Store. However, this feature was not immediately available. (Learn all the best Windows 11 features and how to use them.)

This update is the first major change to Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 10 was released in 2015. Rumors of a major Windows overhaul have been circulating for a year. At the Microsoft Build developer conference on May 25 last year, CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that major changes were imminent for its 1.3 billion users, saying that Microsoft was planning “one of the biggest updates to Windows ever.” And in mid-June, Microsoft quietly announced that it would end support for Windows 10 in 2025 as leaked Windows 11 images spread.

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See Everything You Wanted to See in Windows 11 But Not and All the Big Differences Between Windows 10 and Windows 11 for more details.

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