Windows 11 Vs Windows 10: What’s The Real Difference?

Microsoft Windows 11 has completed a phased rollout and is now ready for a major rollout to supported devices. As with all major OS updates, there are significant differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11, but the overall changes are less sudden than previous OS updates. Overall, you should be prepared for a Mac-like aesthetic that lets you focus more on productivity features, as well as the ability to finally use Android apps on Windows 11 computers.

Let’s take a look at some of the big changes Microsoft has made and what’s really different. And check out our favorite Windows 11 features and how to use them, everything you could want but don’t get in Windows 11, and how to set your default search engine. When you’re ready, we’ll show you how to download a new operating system.

Windows 10 vs Windows 11: All the big differences in the new OS

Windows 11 has a new design with the Start menu and taskbar in the middle.

Windows 11 gives the operating system a completely new interface similar to that of a Mac. It features a clean design with rounded corners and pastel colors. The Start menu icon is also moved to the center of the screen along with the taskbar. However, you can move to the left of Windows 10 if you want.

With Windows 11, you can finally download Android apps to your PC.

The Android app is now available for Windows 11 via the Microsoft Store via the Amazon Appstore. (There are several ways to access Android apps on Windows 10, including those with a Samsung Galaxy phone, but these will be the default.) This is something Windows users have been waiting for for years and marks another step towards convergence. Mobile and portable devices.

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You’ll find it easier to create and switch between different virtual desktops in Windows 11 than in Windows 10.

In Windows 11, you can set up a virtual desktop similar to your Mac. Switch between multiple desktops at once for personal, office, school or gaming use. In Windows 10, this feature is more difficult to set up and use.

It’s easier to group different sets of windows and applications and switch from desktop to monitor using layout snapping and snapping groups.

The new operating system includes a feature called Plugin Groups and Plugin Layout. This feature is a collection of applications that use both, located on the taskbar and can be displayed or minimized simultaneously for easy navigation. It also makes it easy to attach and unplug the monitor without losing the position of the open window.

Microsoft Teams is built right into the Windows 11 taskbar, making video calling a breeze.

Teams has been upgraded and is now integrated into the Windows 11 taskbar for easy access (similar to Apple’s FaceTime). You can access Teams on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

Launch the widget on the Windows 11 taskbar to see information such as weather, news, and stocks at a glance.

It’s been around for a while (remember the desktop in Windows Vista?), including the latest Windows 10 update, but now you can access widgets right from the taskbar and customize them to show what you want.

Microsoft has made Windows 10 easier to use on tablets than Windows 10.

For tablets, Microsoft has been working to improve the touch experience by providing more space between taskbar icons and gesture support. Windows 11 also adds haptics to your digital pen so you can hear and feel the vibrations as you take notes or draw. Finally, the operating system introduces voice input and commands to the rest of the system.

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Windows 11 adds some Xbox technologies to make games even better.

Windows 11 comes with several Xbox console features such as auto HDR and DirectStorage to enhance gaming on your Windows PC. This is another step towards unifying PC for Microsoft and Xbox consoles.

For more information, find out everything you need to know about Windows 11 and how to download the latest operating system from Microsoft.

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