Recipe: Tasty Greek style quinoa bowl

Greek style quinoa bowl. Dinner for Two: Loaded Greek-Style Quinoa Bowls w/ Chunky Feta & Spicy Tzatziki There's just something about these quinoa bowls that makes me happy. Maybe it's the colors, or the fresh ingredients, or the fact that it's sprinkled with my one true love, cheese. This Greek Quinoa Bowl Recipe is a healthy mix of your favorite Greek ingredients topped over gluten-free quinoa.

Greek style quinoa bowl Let me know if you get a chance to try it! Ready to make these uber easy greek quinoa bowls? For the dressing: combine all ingredients in a small bowl and whisk until combined. You can cook Greek style quinoa bowl using 7 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Greek style quinoa bowl

  1. Prepare 2 cups of quinoa.
  2. Prepare of Feta cheese.
  3. You need of Kalamata olives.
  4. It's of Finely chopped English cucumber.
  5. You need of Finely chopped tomato.
  6. Prepare of Diced banana peppers.
  7. Prepare of Finely chopped fresh mint.

Drizzle the dressing over the salad and serve. For a fresh twist on Mediterranean cuisine, try this Greek chicken quinoa bowl, topped with Kalamata olives, roasted red pepper, cucumbers, and grape tomatoes. Grilled Greek Chicken Quinoa Bowls are perfectly fresh and hearty and loaded with all those classic Greek flavors we crave! They are packed with fresh veggies and topped with a creamy, herby Greek yogurt based tzatziki sauce.

Greek style quinoa bowl step by step

  1. Cook the quinoa per the package directions. I used chicken broth and za'atar for added flavor..
  2. When the quinoa is done load into a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients to taste..
  3. That's it! Crazy easy and delicious, a simple heathy meal with gyro inspired flavor..

Easy Mediterranean Steak & Quinoa Bowls filled with juicy tender steak, crisp vegetables, grains and a creamy tzatziki sauce. A balanced meal that's light, quick and loaded with greek flavor. These quinoa bowls are a dinner your family will love! Make dressing: In a small bowl, combine red wine vinegar, lemon juice, and dried oregano and season generously with salt and pepper. Slowly add olive oil, whisking to combine.


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