Easiest Way to Prepare Appetizing Chinese Crispy Crackling roasted pork belly 腩仔燒肉

Chinese Crispy Crackling roasted pork belly 腩仔燒肉.

Chinese Crispy Crackling roasted pork belly 腩仔燒肉 You can cook Chinese Crispy Crackling roasted pork belly 腩仔燒肉 using 3 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Chinese Crispy Crackling roasted pork belly 腩仔燒肉

  1. Prepare of pork belly.
  2. Prepare of (five spice).
  3. It's of Coarse Salt.

Chinese Crispy Crackling roasted pork belly 腩仔燒肉 instructions

  1. These are the stuff you need. 3 Ingredients only. Simple and Easy.
  2. Picking the right belly is the key. If the belly skin been blow torched by flames it WILL NOT BE CRISPY. (they do this by removing the hair out) You see thin layers of fat, then meat, then fat. NEVER pick bellies with lots of fat, if you have no other choices trim out at as much fat on the sides..
  3. Use a knife and scrape the skin. Avoid cutting into the skin or will not look nice. Scrape for around 2 ~3 mins especially the end areas this way will make it crispier..
  4. Next use a clipper and remove those hair. This depends on how hairy it is. Then use the nail tenderizer and poke into the skin. Poking it more will make the skin more crispy. Do it more on the sides coz those parts usually takes longer to make it crispy..
  5. See those nails mark. More the better. Usually takes around 5 mins in stabbing it and i think its FUN!.
  6. Rinse Well then pat dry. Add those five spice on all the sides and bottom, avoid the skin area. Wrap it up and place in fridge for 6 hours or best overnight..
  7. Cook it 2 hours before meal time, take out belly from fridge and add coarse salt on top. Press those salt on skin in avoiding it to fall. Around 1 cm thick..
  8. Throw it in the Oven 200°C for 30mins first first. Since I have only a toaster oven at home i set it High with top n bottom heating at the beginning. Then after 30mins add heat only at the Top for another 30mins..
  9. After a total of 1hr you can see the salt is hard. Carefully scrape all Salt off the skin. After remove salt u can see abit of crisp already, now back to the oven. Broiling the top skin only. DO NOT ADD HEAT TO THE BOTTOM or the pork will go very dry..
  10. After broil for 5 mins check regularly in avoiding burnt. If you see some parts is already ok but some other parts still not done? Carefully wrap foils on the parts done and throw it back in oven until the skin is crispy. So its from 10 to 30mins depending on the oven/toaster you have..
  11. Rest for 10 mins. Serve it the way you like it! HK style cut in cubes and we dip with hk mustard sauce! Done!.


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