How to Cook Tasty Beef liver jerky, in oven

Beef liver jerky, in oven. Snel geleverd in jouw regio voor de beste prijs. Vergelijk de prijzen voordat je koopt. Preheat your oven on its lost setting.

Beef liver jerky, in oven This step will make it easier for slicing thin; Salt to taste. You may add other spices, like pepoer, or leave completely without. Cook time depends on your stove and the thickness of your jerky. You can cook Beef liver jerky, in oven using 2 ingredients and 14 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Beef liver jerky, in oven

  1. It's 1 half of Beef liver,.
  2. Prepare of Salt, to taste (optional).

When your jerky is done, it will easily peel off of the parchment paper. The pieces you cut should easily break apart. Arrange them on the prepared baking sheet in a single layer. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place a wire rack over the foil.

Beef liver jerky, in oven instructions

  1. Freeze the piece of liver overnight. This step will make it easier for slicing thin.
  2. Salt to taste. You may add other spices, like pepoer, or leave completely without..
  3. Remove liver from freezer and thaw. Once it is halfway thawed (not completely thawed), slice into thin strips..
  4. Pierce each strip at the beginning, on kebab stick. Makes for around 11 pieces per kebab stick..
  5. Place kebab stick transversal on grill tray. Separate each slice of liver so it dangles. Place sticks not to close together..
  6. 6. Place baking paper or foil on bottom tray, to catch juices wilst baking..
  7. Place in preheated oven at lowest tempetature, between 50 and 100 C..
  8. Let cook serveral hours until completely dry, with oven door slightly open for humidity to escape. Depending on the oven temperature, the cooking time may vary, 4 or 6 or 8 hours..
  9. If overtly cooked, an outer black crust will form. This gives the liver a slightly sweetened flavor (as if it were caramelized)..
  10. Once the liver is completly dry you will have beef (liver) jerky/charqui.
  11. Stores best in glass container on counter. Does not need fridge..
  12. Tip: you maye use the same method for jerky/biltong etc with any thinly sliced meat (beef, chicken, etc)..
  13. Tip 2: In using beef cuts, trim off all visible fat! Fat maintains humidity and thus the jerky will not keep for more than a few days out of the fridge..
  14. Tip 3: if using beef chicken etc, it is best to marinate or rub and leave in fridge 24 hours before cooking..

Place liver strips on cookie sheet. Level of crispness will depend on thickness of jerky, width of treats and humidity level. For very dry treats, after baking, leave jerky in oven with oven door cracked to cool completely. Remove jerky from oven and cut into strips while warm. Your jerky is done when the meat is completely dried out.


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