10 of the best vinyl friendly dj mixers

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Now, arguably more than ever before, choosing a DJ mixer is no easy affair. These days, there's a vast array of options, for all sorts of mixing needs. It doesn’t really matter much if you’re an experienced club DJ or a bedroom DJ, the design and features of the mixer you’re looking for will ultimately come down to your preferences in terms of style of music you play and whether you’ll be mainly using digital audio or vinyl...and also obviously your budget.

We are often asked the question, “I’m looking for a good vinyl-friendly DJ mixer, which one should I get?” so below are 10 vinyl-friendly DJ mixers that we recommend. From affordable mixers to high-end rotary mixers, we selected mixers that offer great sound quality and functionality for their price points.

*Please take note that the prices below are provided as a guide only and may vary due to changes in taxes or charges or due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates.*


Numark M2 2 Channel Scratch DJ Mixer  www.numark.com   

Price: 108€

Key features: Three-band EQ on each channel plus crossfader-reverse and slope controls. 

M2 is a pretty basic, no frills two-channel DJ mixer with all the essentials for any DJ, beginner or advanced. Good value for money and great for practicing at home or small venues. 


Allen & Heath Xone: 22 www.allen-heath.com

Price: 262 €

Key features:  3-band full cut EQ, lite version of Xone's legendary VCF filter system (low-pass and high-pass filters, frequency and resonance controls)

Forget about all the bells & whistles. If you don't need 4 channels or cheap sounding effects, the Xone 22 is a great 2 channel analogue DJ mixer that offers Allen & Heath quality at an entry-level price. The EQ's are very usable and musical sounding, making this mixer quite good for people who like to slowly fade things.


ECLER Nuo 2.0 www.eclerdjdivision.com

Price: 345€

Key features: Ergonomic full cut EQ, kill switches, FX Send sends, and upgradable faders with curve control and reverse. 

Whether you play house, techno, ambient or any other music genre, this 2 channel analogue mixer offers great price/quality-ratio especially for vinyl DJs, but it’s also a good option for digital DJs as long as you have a separate audio interface. This versatile mixer also features large ergonomic EQ knobs, kill switches, and FX sends as well as upgradable faders with curve control and reverse. 


Allen & Heath Xone: 32 www.allen-heath.com

Price: 695€

Key features: 3 dual stereo channels with switchable line and RIAA phono inputs, VCF Filters with DRS Presets.

Nicely built 3-channel DJ mixer with VCF filters, a tap programmable low-frequency oscillator and DRS memories giving unprecedented command over your music. This small-format mixer is perfect for home use and solid enough for the professional club circuit.


Condesa Carmen In Silver condesaelectronics.com

Price: 1300 € 

Key features: 4 channels, 2 dedicated phono channels, 2 dedicated line channels, and fx loop on the master.

A rotary DJ mixer crafted by hand in Australia by Medhi El-Aquil, an audiophile and DJ with impeccable taste. Inspired from an era when DJs like Larry Levan and David Mancuso mixed on rotary mixers such as Bozak and Urei, this Condesa mixer combines the soft touches and warmth of those traditional rotary mixers with the technical advancements of the digital age. This is a mixer for music lovers.


BOZAK CMA 10-2DL www.bozak.com

Price: +1300€ (second-hand market)

Key features: 6 channels. The Bozak also had knobs instead of sliders (2 knobs for turntables, 2 for mics and for tape players), and tone controls (today known as EQ's) to adjust Bass & Treble.  

Discontinued and hard-to-find, this mixer designed in the 70s by Rudy Bozak was the first commercially available high-end rotary DJ mixer, and the mixer of choice by professional DJs from Larry Levan to Masters At Work. If you manage to find one on the second-hand market, this will probably be your last & best mixer and will probably outlast your lifetime. 


UREI 1620LE www.ureidj.com

Price: +1300€ (second-hand market)

Key features: Six stereo channels with legendary Urei sound quality and flexible routing. Authentic and responsive rotary faders on all channels.

The original Urei 1620 rotary DJ mixer was a Bozak mixer clone that set 1970s dancefloors on fire with its fat bottom end, smooth midrange and ultra-sweet highs. With 6 channels and flexible routing, mixing technology specialist Soundcraft has re-created the 1620 crackling soundmixer with that old school rotary feel and adapted it for the 21st century. 


FF4000 DJ Mixer www.funktion-one.com

Price: 1835€

Key features: 4 Channels, 2 effects loops A and B mixed-signal control, optional Pro X Fade crossfader.

Designed in collaboration between Formula Sound and leading loudspeaker manufacturers, Funktion One, the FF-4000 is a 4 channel version of the FF-6000. This mixer is available with the Pro X Fade crossfader, which allows DJs to change the physical feel of the fader to suit their individual needs


DJR 400 Portable Rotary Mixer www.electronique-spectacle.com

Price: +2000€ (two-month waiting list) 

Key features: large rotary knobs, superior 3-way isolator.

A portable and easy to set up rotary mixer handmade in France and designed by Jerôme Barbé & Dj Deep. It’s reputation has been on the rise among a bunch of well-respected DJs. For instance, Deep House legend Kerri Chandler describes the DJR 400 mixer as “just like driving a portable lamborghini”. Great for mixing house and techno.


Rane MP 2015 Rotary Mixer dj.rane.com

Price: 3390€

Key features: Rotary Mixer 4 Channel Mixer with Dual Rotary sound card.

Based on rotary mixers from the 70s, the likes of Anthony Parasole, Dixon, Tim Sweeney, Ben UFO all gave their contribution on MP2015’s design and features. Its sonic signature is unique, satisfying both vinyl purists, as well as all those who prefer the uncompressed sound of WAV and FLAC files.

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