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Alex Ketzer shares the story behind NOORDEN

NOORDEN is a Cologne/Germany based DIY record label. Founded by Alex Ketzer, the label has built a super interesting catalog marked by diversity, releasing a bit of everything...from ambient, to leftfield house to experimental and techno.

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Jean Codaccioni & F. Martini Share The Story Behind Linear Movement

Linear Movement is a small DIY record label based in Paris, France. Founded in 2015 and run by Jean Codaccioni with the help of Flørent Martini, Linear Movement's sound is deep and dubby, steady but dynamic, techno but still house.

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Davide Domenichini Shares The Story Behind Black Sweat

Black Sweat is a record label from Milan, Italy, founded in 2012 by Davide Domenichini (Dome). The label releases varieties of experimental electronic music, with the spectrum ranging from avant-garde, ambient to free jazz and psychedelic music.

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