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Online crate digging done right. Finally.


Hi there! Miguel Ferreira here from That Special Record.

What if online crate digging could actually be an exciting and personal experience? That’s the question that inspired me to launch That Special Record, a new kind of online record store that features magazine-style stories from inspiring record label owners and artists. That Special Record is specialised in ambient, drone, house music, techno. Whether you've just decided to dig a little deeper or you've been collecting ambient, drone, house music, techno records for ages, That Special Record is here to help you discover the best outsider electronic music that’s currently being released on vinyl. I'm a record collector...literally obsessed with weird, obscure, interesting, outsider electronic music so I won't sell you any records I wouldn't buy myself. Less is more, that's why our selection is small but carefully curated.

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"I think records are like time capsules, you can listen to them, recall associated memories, make new memories, feel them, smell them."

- Jamie Mccue


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